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In 2000 Glass Mosaic Ltd.Sti Bircan Bafra began operating in the 10 years Turkey's most brilliant and sales to producing the highest quality of glass mosaic presentation.Türkiye 's the leading construction companies, public institutions, architects and engineers, contractors and persons the sale is realized. Mosaic Glass facades of buildings Bircan, floors, hallways, swimming pools, ornamental pools, bathrooms, kitchen, laboratory, balconies, poles and columns, columns, inside the stairwell of the building, all with Jacuzzi and wet surface surfaces, water, work in isolation, wall and ceiling coverings, the decorations can be used in the field is the most appropriate material. Bircan Glass Mosaic production continued uninterrupted to this day the day it was established that our etmekde research and development activities with emphasis on the quality of our company in this sector has gained a reputation and importance. Besides the importance given to the quality of our company on the aesthetics come to the fore. Application to our customers before making a glass mosaic building professional design team and receive pictures on the computer design is done. After the exchange of ideas amongst our customers to do more design and color to be applied before the application is presented to our customers. Glass Mosaic Family Bircan principled and honest quality and customer satisfaction oriented estetikden will continue to work without sacrificing.

Best regards… Yön.Kur.Bşk Timur BİRCAN

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